Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

I've still got this Bride Doll ~ she is placed in our bedroom near my wedding cupboard. Think this might be what started me on my addicition to wedding memorabilia?!?

Mother made my sweet Raggedy Ann stocking for me. I do wish she would find it ~ hint HINT!!

I still have the chalkware Santa that is sitting on the middle of the "fireplace" ledge.

I've got a small collection of plastic Christmas trees. This one is the perfect shade of green to go with my Santa Cookie Jar.

I love decorating with my antique mirrors. This one is especially fun to use during the holidays due to its awesome green colored glass edges.

One of my favorite cloth Santas ~ I think I fell in love with him because of the terrycloth bunny. I thought Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage would enjoy this picture!

A newer bottle brush tree with a mica covered bear & Santa

Christmas Hugs,

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celestina marie said...

Hi Steph,
Oh my gosh this post takes me back. I had the same faux fireplace growing up. Daddy got it because I was worried Santa had no chinney to come down. It had a lighted wheel that went around anc ctackled to be the flame. Wow!! I loved that FP.

Your wedding doll is gorgeous and that you still have it is so very special.
You know how much I love the Santa's and the bottle brush trees. You have got me started on those now.
Enjoyed this post so much and your Home pic on the sidebar is gorgeous. Great night picture!
Love ya, Celestina Marie